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An Easy, New Way of Learning
About Your Chakras

as featured in the book Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections
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The Chakramid is the perfect way to illustrate one's ascent to the Higher Energy Self through the art and act of working with and balancing the Chakras from the foundation up, one Chakra at a time. When Chakras are balanced, they become clear and open conduits for receiving, assimilating, and circulating energy throughout our entire bodies. The result is vibrant physical health and mental and spiritual well-being.

The traditional view or representation of the Chakras is a standing or sitting human form studded with seven circles in a rainbow of colors lined up through its middle.  It is a very effective way to graphically depict the seven major energy centers in our bodies, but let's consider looking at Chakras in a new, expanded way.

While a pyramid suggests mysticism and mystery, the Chakramid, (or Chakra Pyramid) offers understanding and clarity. The form itself is steeped in Ancient history, but the components of it—a square and four triangles—are simple, contemporary shapes.

The "form" aspect of the Chakramid shows the Chakras in a definite structure. The Chakramid's cubed base is planted solidly and squarely on the ground and its steep slopes ascend upward to a point or pinnacle.     See more...

It is interesting to note that the two basic shapes that form a pyramid (a square and triangle) have seven sides—four on the square and three on the triangle—and that there are seven major Chakras or energy centers in the body. Building upon this fact, the Chakramid groups the Chakras into two "Power Packs."

Excerpt from
Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

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