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The Chakramid is the perfect way to illustrate one's ascent to the Higher Energy Self through the art and act of working with and balancing the Chakras from the foundation up. When Chakras are balanced, they become clear and open conduits for receiving, assimilating, and circulating energy throughout our entire bodies. The result is vibrant physical health and mental and spiritual well being.

So how do the Chakras become blocked?

Imagine a dam blocking the flow of water. That is exactly how Chakra energy is dammed up as well. Each pent up, unreleased or held-in emotion (such as fear, anger, resentment, or guilt) adds to the barriers that block the flow of energy to or from the Chakra pathway. An unfulfilled need for love and nurturing, especially as a child but also in adult years, can inhibit Chakra energy flow, too. These energy blocks can severely stem the flow of energy, or ultimately build up to the point where they completely close off the energy we receive from a specific Chakra.

Chakra closures most likely happen from the top down as each particular type of energy is blocked. As children experience parental, caregiver, or society's pooh-poohing of anything that smacks of the supernatural (spirits, visions or hearing the unseen), their 7th, 6th and 5th Chakras can become inhibited. Then as they grow up and experience emotional pain and disappointments (such as relationship breakups, failures, letdowns, and stress), all but the first two Chakras can also close, depending upon how those issues are handled. Even the 1st and 2nd Chakras might be affected by those incidents, remaining imbalanced or distorted, and thus hampering their free flow of vital energy.

When our Chakras are out of alignment, severely blocked, or even completely closed off, physical illnesses or mental health issues may occur. The flip side of this is that the same results can also manifest when too much energy is released from a particular Chakra. Very often these ailments or disturbances are temporary, but they can persist and develop into chronic conditions. That is why a balanced Chakra system is so important.

So it is easy to see how a Chakra becomes blocked and how that can impact us. Now the question is, how do we fix it?  How do we open a closed or blocked Chakra?

Excerpt from
Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

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