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An Easy, New Way of Learning
About Your Chakras

as featured in the book Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections


Demystified, Accessible, Practical, Supportive

In this modern-day parable of Chakra energy awakening, Jessica accepts an invitation to an all-expenses-paid trip to an exclusive penthouse with the assurance that her every need will be met and all of her fantasies of a lavish lifestyle will be fulfilled. Join Jessica as she journeys through the CHAKRAMID and discovers:

1. How to accept, appreciate and honor her body just as it is, and the benefits of being grounded and connected with her physical world.

2. A way to shed the protective shell that shields her heart and how to utilize her emotions as the guiding sensors they are meant to be

3. A “power play” lesson that teaches her a more productive way to use her personal power

4. The pure joy of true, unconditional love that comes from the twin powers of love and forgiveness.

5. That by dipping into her “Well of Being,” she can access her authentic, Higher Self, and how to enhance her communications with others.

6. A new meditation technique that allows her to meet and tap into the resources of her “i i i Council” and visualize her life’s purpose.

7. The principles of “manifesting” thought and the path to higher consciousness.

Along the way, you just may awaken your Chakra energies, too!

Paperback * 133 pages

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