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An Easy, New Way of Learning
About Your Chakras

as featured in the book Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

COLOR:  Bright Blue or Turquoise

ELEMENT:  Ether, Sound


AFFECTED PARTS OF BODY:  Ears, Gums, Jaw, Mouth, Neck, Nose, Teeth, Throat, Thyroid Gland, Tongue, Vocal Cords


FOOD:  Fruits

CRYSTALS/GEMSTONES:  Amazonite, Aquamarine, Sodalite, Turquoise

SCENTS/ESSENTIAL OILS:  Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary

5th Chakra (or Throat Chakra)
5th Chakra Overview

Balanced: Truthful with others, as well as themselves; take responsibility for their actions, because they say and do what is true for them; fully self expressed

Imbalanced: Tend to dominate conversations; gossip, habitual lying, unable to express their true opinions

Arriving at the 5th Chakra marks the ascension to what has been called the "Golden Triangle." The Golden Triangle encompasses the last three Chakras, and it is the path to spiritual growth. The 5th Chakra is the first in this divine triad. Its elements are ether and sound, and its emphasis is on your truth. It is important to recognize that this Chakra is a conduit between the intellect of the heart and the intellect of the mind; and when it is open, it allows the heart and the head to align and be in sync.

The 5th Chakra has also been called the Throat Chakra, because it resides at the back of your throat. It is the center of communication and self-expression—verbal, but also telepathic. Be sure to understand that "communication" includes not only your expression, but also that of others. This is where we "listen to," appreciate, and learn what others have to offer. The 5th Chakra also stimulates creativity, especially in oral, written, and musical forms.

People with a balanced 5th Chakra are truthful to others, as well as to themselves. They take responsibility for their actions, because they say and do what is true for them. Connections and communications with others are clear and harmonious. Creativity is fully expressed and shared. They follow their intuition and are attentive to the synchronicities and signs that are available to them.

An over stimulated 5th Chakra can be identified in those who dominate conversations, speak negatively, yell, or gossip. Habitual lying may also be a problem. An underdeveloped 5th Chakra may be apparent in persons who are unable to express their true opinions, who ultimately say yes to others when they really mean no, and who may be unable or very slow to make decisions.

As you enter the Gold Triangle on your journey through your Chakras, be aware that just as the Chakramid itself is less visible at this level, you, too, are working primarily with your inner, unseen energies. The ego self is being left behind so that you can climb higher and higher.

Excerpt from
Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

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“The white door handle appeared on command and as Jessica pushed the door open, a ray of sunshine gleaming from within spilled onto the floor in front of her. Jessica flung the door wide open to a farmhouse porch, complete with rocking chairs and a pasture view. She quickly stepped onto the porch, leaving the dark thoughts of the past behind her as the door handle faded from her grasp.”

Excerpt from
Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

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