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An Easy, New Way of Learning
About Your Chakras

as featured in the book Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

COLOR:  Violet, White

ELEMENT:  Thought

LOCATION:  Top of the Head

AFFECTED PARTS OF BODY:  Brain, Central Nervous System


FOOD:  None

CRYSTALS/GEMSTONES:  Amethyst, Clear Quartz

SCENTS/ESSENTIAL OILS:  Frankincense, Lavender, Lotus, Violet

7th Chakra (or Crown Chakra)
7th Chakra Overview

Balanced: Connected with spiritual side; exudes a reverence for life and nature; wants and desires seem to come easily and effortlessly; fair and ethical in dealings with others

Unbalanced: Insists on always being right; narrow-minded; closed-minded; intolerant of others; holier than thou attitude

The 7th Chakra, or Crown Chakra, is the last level in the Chakramid. Its shape naturally forms a pyramid inside the point of the Chakra Pyramid, and is itself made up of two levels. The lower, bottom half of the 7th Chakra level represents thoughts that are oriented toward the physical you—your health, your relationships, your wealth, your environment, and your possessions. Ultimately, these thoughts are deposited at the bottom, or base, of the Chakramid where they take root and begin their journey upward into physical manifestation. How fast (or how slow) these thoughts manifest into physical reality depends largely upon how balanced or open the thinker’s Chakras are. An open and direct passage through the Chakras allows thoughts to quickly come into being, while blockages and closures hamper, delay, or stop the physical manifesting process.

The second level of the 7th Chakra, up to the very tip of the Chakramid and beyond, symbolizes one’s ascent to higher consciousness. This level transcends the physical and enters the realm of pure thought or pure consciousness. It is the seat of the One Mind or Infinite Intelligence.

People with balanced 7th Chakras are deeply connected with their spiritual sides. Their morals subtly drive their everyday actions. They are fair and ethical in their dealings with others. A reverence for life and nature is evident, and their wants and desires always seem to come easily and effortlessly to them.

An over-stimulated 7th Chakra can be seen in those who insist on being right no matter what, or may manifest in a “holier-than-thou” personality that is overwhelming and domineering. This narrow-mindedness or intolerance of others results in a closed mind that is incapable of expanding thought and consciousness.

People with deficient 7th Chakras may exhibit a neediness to be the center of attention or to make himself or herself indispensable. Conversely, they may become overly isolated or disconnected from others. “Going with the flow” in any situation is an impossibility because of an underlying belief that they (or their ego self) have to make things happen on their own. Constant worrying or obsessing over outcomes may plague such an individual.

The dual nature of the 7th Chakra—physical manifestation on one hand and the absence of anything physical on the other—has led to misunderstanding of this Chakra. It is not only attained by a few highly evolved or enlightened individuals, but a multidimensional state that is ever expanding with thought and consciousness. At this last Chakra level, meditation is an indispensable tool for achieving higher consciousness, as is communion with nature. As you begin exploring your relationship with the 7th Chakra, know that it is not a destination, and that your journey in it will never end.

Excerpt from Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

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“As Jessica looked out over the boundless, timeless space, the moth continued his lesson. “The woman’s ‘Transformator’ appeared to be calling your attention to it because you were resonating on the same vibration as the woman. Just look and you can see the clusters of beings that have gravitated to each other for a common purpose, or simply because they share the same vibration frequency. The larger masses are a multitude of clusters that have been attracted together. These are powerful vortexes that can literally raise the consciousness of the planet.”

Excerpt from
Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

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