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About Your Chakras

as featured in the book Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

COLOR:  Green



AFFECTED PARTS OF BODY:  Arms, Breasts, Circulatory System, Hands, Heart, Lungs, Shoulders, Wrists


FOOD:  Vegetables

CRYSTALS/GEMSTONES:  Aventurine, Emerald, Jade, Rose Quartz, Ruby

SCENTS/ESSENTIAL OILS:  Pine, Rose, Ylang Ylang

4th Chakra (or Heart Chakra)
4th Chakra Overview

Balanced: Stable, safe, secure, trusting, basic needs met, feelings of belonging with family & community

Unbalanced: Insecurity, fear, isolation, greed, weight problems, hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, degenerative arthritis, knee problems, bone disorders

Once the physical needs of your first three Chakras have been addressed, raising yourself to the 4th level is a breeze…literally. This Chakra's corresponding element is air and its main issues are relationships and love—affairs of the heart—where the 4th Chakra resides. Most important, it is the bridge from the physical part of you to your mental and spiritual dimensions. Love and its many expressions (passion, caring, rapport, unity, understanding, and forgiveness) are the means to and the rewards of a clear 4th Chakra.

Ultimately, the objective of an open 4th Chakra is unconditional love. A love so pure that it is not quantified by any restrictions imposed on it, such as your ideals or the way you think others should act or respond to you. So, in addition to your family and friends, the 4th Chakra also makes it possible for you to "love your neighbor (or fellow man) as yourself."  

A person graced with a balanced 4th Chakra has a loving presence that is accepting, warm, friendly, gracious, compassionate, and charismatic. Healthy, loving relationships based on a balanced give-and-take dynamic are the benchmark of this Chakra. As such, an ability to gratefully "receive" as well as to give is readily apparent. Self-love is also a tenant of an open 4th Chakra.

Deficiencies in this area surface as feelings of isolation, withdrawal, paranoia, fear of commitment, lack of self-esteem, and/or depression. Heart defenses may manifest as a tendency to "give everything away," to be totally focused on others while depriving oneself, or as addictions (such as to drugs or alcohol), which are used to suppress or deaden feelings from the heart.

A closed or shielded Heart Chakra can stop the ascension to the higher level Chakras right here, so it is easy to see how important it is to open your heart. Unconditional love is the reward and forgiveness is the key.

Excerpt from
Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

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“Jessica felt as excited as an archeologist discovering the missing link in the evolution of mankind. But what she had exposed concerned the evolution of love, and the missing link she had discovered was forgiveness. However, it did not take a pick, an ax, a spoon or a brush to unearth this great discovery. All she needed to do was lift her chin and open her eyes to see the truth of the waterfall–that when streams of love and forgiveness come together, they transform into one continuous flow of unconditional love.”

Excerpt from
Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

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