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About Your Chakras

as featured in the book Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections
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"Chakra" is a Sanskrit word (an ancient Eastern Indian language) meaning "wheel" or "circle." According to the principles of Quantum Physics, everything is made up of energy and information, and that is an excellent way to describe your Chakras.

Picture your Chakras as seven spinning disks stacked up and evenly spaced along your spinal cord, from the base of your spine to the top of your head. While they are not part of your physical body—you cannot see or feel them and they will not show up on an X-ray or MRI—your Chakras do have an enormous effect on your nervous and endocrine systems, as well as on other processes in your body.

Each disk reflects a different color and each is packed full of a specific or focused type of resonating energy, the information that makes up that energy, and what it takes to maintain or balance it. The clockwise rotation action of all of the Chakras in this stack, or energy pathway, helps to distribute energy throughout your entire body. This is accomplished by way of your nervous and circulatory systems so that all of your organs, tissues, and cells receive and benefit from each Chakra's energy vibrations. Chakras also serve to dispose of unwanted or undesirable energy in your body.

Balanced Chakras create a free-flowing subtle-energy network in your body that promotes physical and mental health, vitality, and harmony, as well as spiritual and psychic awareness and evolution. Chakras also play an important role in the prevention or avoidance of illness or disease. Balanced Chakras will create these corresponding results:

  1. a sense of being grounded or connected to the physical
  2. the ability to feel your emotions and to use them as the
    guiding sensors they were meant to be
  3. a profound sense of personal power that propels you
    forward in all of your endeavors
  4. the joy of experiencing true, unconditional love by
    using the twin powers of love and forgiveness
  5. the capability to effectively communicate, and to hear
    and speak your truth
  6. the art of reasoning and unlimited access to
    imagination and intuitive insight
  7. the profound wisdom that comes from being plugged
    into your Source and connected to the Universe

Sounds like a perfect system, doesn't it?

And it is, but when one or more of the Chakras are out of alignment (causing the spinning action to be counterclockwise, erratic, sluggish, or shut down completely), that Chakra is adversely affected; and consequently, your physical, mental, and spiritual vitality levels suffer. Excerpt from
Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

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