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There are several other correlations with our Chakras that lend themselves to our pyramid representation. The colors associated with the Chakras are like stair steps on our Chakramid. The slowest (or lowest) vibration frequency and longest wavelength color, red, is at the base, while the fastest (or highest) frequency and shortest wavelength color, violet, is at the point of the Chakramid. The same observation is true of the sound frequencies often associated with the Chakras. The slowest frequencies are at the bottom and linked with the 1st Chakra, while subsequently higher (or faster) frequencies are at the top. We also find that the first three Chakras deal with the physical world, and they are the biggest, most visible part of the Chakramid. The 4th Chakra begins the transition to the inner, spiritual realms (that you don’t see), and the last three Chakra levels become increasingly smaller and less noticeable, until you finally reach the barely visible tip and move beyond it into infinity.

Excerpt from
Rainbow Eyes - CHAKRAMID Reflections

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