A number of years ago I read a book by Carol Adrienne called The Purpose of Your Life. It was a life-altering read for me because it helped me to do just that—highlight what gets me excited and energized, pinpoint what makes me feel alive, and shine light on my very reason for being. Through its thought provoking content, guided meditations and insightful exercises I was able to distill my life’s calling into a succinct, single-sentence mission statement: “The purpose of my life is to cultivate and grow knowledge and share my bounty with others.”Under that purposeful umbrella, I have formed a company with my daughters called Heart Projects, LLC (we make our own brands of Manifesting® and Chakramid® gemstone jewelry and accessories; and our own bracelet-fastening invention, Handi Bracelet®), I have written several articles for online and print magazines, and authored my first book, Rainbow Eyes – CHAKRAMID Reflections.

What I want to accomplish with this blog, though, is to share the ins and outs of my inner awakenings in the hopes that they will help to pave the way for someone else’s passage to the discovery of their true, authentic Self. Our journey on this path may sometimes make us feel unbalanced, like we are walking on a slippery slope; push us to make uncomfortable decisions when we arrive at crossroads or forks in the road; or make our stomachs churn with anticipation the way it does when we are traveling down roller coaster-like, hilly terrain. But more often than not, I visualize the way to be an exciting, adventurous mind trip to higher consciousness.

I would love company, companionship, and camaraderie along the way. Won’t you join me? And if you come along for the ride, be sure to share your thoughts, wishes, dreams, aspirations and awakenings with me, too.

Here’s to our joint journey, because everyone knows it’s the journey, not the destination where true living—you know, the really good stuff—takes place!

 ~ Mary Jo

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