The Power Of Mantras

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The Power of Montras-You are probably already familiar with or have heard of Mantras. Mantras are the repetition of words, phrases or sounds that have spiritual, sacred or divine meanings. The use of the sound of OM (or Ohm, Aum) in meditation is one that probably comes to your mind. This widely used mantra is thought to be a sacred sound, the sound of life, the
vibration of creation; and it is often silently or audibly repeated in meditation.

But there is another powerful way to use a mantra that isn’t related to meditation at all—at least not in the traditional sense of sitting in a lotus position with eyes closed and hands posed. For example, a mantra can be used anytime, anywhere you want to tame your monkey mind—you know, when your thoughts are running wild and your inner wisdom cannot be heard over the raucous noise. A continuous round of “Peace…Peace…Peace,” might just calm down and put to rest that deafening monkey mayhem long enough for you to get through any stressful situation.

Or perhaps your willpower is beginning to wane when you are doing something you really want to finish, like cleaning the house, paying your bills, getting through the last round of a strenuous exercise workout or a 5K run. Silently or verbally repeating a single word as simple as “Go…Go…Go…” or reciting a continuous loop of “I can do it!” could help elevate your focus, concentration, or vibration enough to carry you on to the finish line of whatever you have started and want to complete.

The key to remember is that a mantra helps us disengage from our busy, active mind so that instead of focusing on negative or troubling thoughts, our awareness is transported to the present moment and the task at hand, giving us the added strength and endurance behind a single-minded intention.

So the next time you are resisting the urge to stop washing the dishes in favor of polishing off a second serving of dessert, try repeating a mantra to yourself that will cleanse your spirit as well as the dishes—in other words, intone an energizing, inspiring chant that keeps your mind on the dishes and off of key lime pie!

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