Divining Divine Intuition

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Divine Intuition

Divining Divine Intuition

It is divine, isn’t it? That feeling of calmness, contentment, and confidence that comes when you just “know” that something is the right thing for you. Whether it’s choosing a new life path, a career, a loving mate, a home, or simply a perfectly ripe piece of fruit at the grocery store, it’s wonderful when the right choice is crystal clear to you without struggle, strain or angst.

We’ve all had moments in our life, especially in times of crisis, when helpful flashes of insight have suddenly come to us like a thunderbolt in a storm, but more often than not intuition (or your Inner Voice) is softly whispered from within. I have been studying the subject of intuition looking for a tool to help me “divine” those divine insights, like a dowsing rod used to find water and metal. In particular, I was searching for a way to distinguish and separate my intuition from my ego voice in my inner dialogue.

Then one day I was exercising on my treadmill while watching Louise Hay’s wonderful DVD “You Can Heal Your Life” and in an interview, Doreen Virtue said something so profound that it almost stopped me in my tracks (not something you want to do on a treadmill!). Doreen explained that a good way to discern an intuitive insight from the ego’s self talk is by paying attention to your I’s and You’s.

You see, an inner thought that begins with “I” is most often generated by the ego, and one that is preceded or contains “you,” frequently comes from your intuitive Self. Of course, if it doesn’t ring true to you or doesn’t feel right, then disregard the thought and move on. When it’s right, a feeling of relief, happiness or joy will come over you.

Now I make it a habit to stop and really listen to the You’s in my thoughts and the pearls of wisdom they offer. And at the same time, I am also becoming more aware of and acting to diminish my ego’s negative chatter in general.

So in other words, a good practice to develop in divining your divine intuition is to mind your P’s and Q’s and your I’s and You’s!

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